Course Schedule

    All courses will be held in NW Arkansas unless otherwise specified.

September 2013:

   Primitive Trapping Techniques- FULL      

    Minimalist- 5th-8th

    Wilderness Survival Basics- 14th

    Fur Trapping Basics- 21st

   Bois D'arc Springfield, MO 27th-29th


October 2013:

    Fur Trapping Basics- 19th

    Autumn Ozark Scout- 24th-27th


November 2013:

    Advanced Wilderness Survival- 1st-3rd

    Wilderness Survival Basics- 9th

    Wilderness Cooking- 16th-17th

   LETA LEO Private Course- 18th-22nd

   Scandinavian Knifemaking- 30th-Dec 1st


December 2013:

    Private Trapping/Hunting Skills- 6th-12th

     Fur Trapping Apprenticeship- 16th-21st

January 2014:

   Cold Weather Camping- 3rd-5th

   SHOT Show-Las Vegas, NV- 14th-17th

   Brain Tanning- 24th-26th

February 2014:

    Furbearer Skinning and Pelt Prep- 1st

   Wilderness Survival Basics- 8th

   Advanced Wilderness Survival- 21st-23rd


March 2014:

    Land Navigation- 8th-9th

   Wilderness Cooking- 15th-16th

   Wild Edibles- 22nd-23rd

April 2014:

    Advanced Wilderness Survival- 4th-6th

   Primitive Weapons- 12th-13th

   Wild Edibles- 19th-20th

   Home Disaster Preparedness- 26th

May 2014:

   Minimalist- 1st-4th

   Family Wilderness Survival- 31st-1st


June 2014:

   Student Appreciation Gathering- 5th-8th

   Sheltercraft- 14th

   Advanced Wilderness Survival- 20th-22nd

   Wilderness Survival Basics- 28th

July 2014:

   Woodsmoke Tetonia, Idaho- 13th-19th

   Primitive Weapons- 26th-27th

August 2014:

    Family Wilderness Survival- 2nd-3rd

   Wilderness Survival Basics- 16th

   Primitive Trapping Techniques- 23rd-24th

September 2014:

   Canyon Country Adventure- 7th-21st

   Bois D'arc Springfield, MO 26th-28th


October 2014:

    Advanced Wilderness Survival- 3rd-5th

   Land Navigation- 11th-12th

   Autumn Ozark Scout- 16th-19th

   Fur Trapping Basics- 25th

November 2014:

    Primitive Weapons- 1st-2nd

   Minimalist- 13th-16th

   Wilderness Cooking- 22nd-23rd


December 2014:

    Fur Trapping Apprenticeship- 1st-6th

   Fur Trapping Basics- 13th

   Advanced Wilderness Survival- 19th-21st